Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tony Jaa - Muay Thai EXPERT!

Tony Jaa, you'll know from such films as Ong Bak, Warrior King, Battle King and quite a few more. The man is, apart from "peak fitness", a martial arts god. You won't find him hanging on wires or flying through trees. Well actually you will find him flying through trees, but not hanging on wires!!! Below is a YouTube video clip which I found on my travels of Tony Jaa, I think it's taken from the extras on the Ong Bak DVD, but OH MY LORDY LORDY, watch this guy go!

Now are you sitting down... Look at the power of the kicks and hits from this guy, and also the distance at which he comes in from towards his enemies! Ong Bak is a must see film (if you are a martial arts fan), not for the story, but just for the sheer excellence of Tony Jaa! Enjoy!

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