Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Muppet loves WinterWatch!

Our cat Muppet is absolutely loving Winter Watch on UK TV tonight! LOL. This is why I love cats!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trust Fund Pirates - Chained World

Trust Fund Pirates - Chained World...

Single released to iTunes, spotify and all other good MP3 / Music purchasing and streaming sites. Buy it NOW!

Trust Fund Pirates played live on BBC Radio Leeds on Oct 21st. Listen again on... http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/p00bl7m2/ available until 28th October. But will then be available to listen to on http://trustfundpirates.com/

Enjoy it like thousands of others.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Baseball Bat out of hell

This poor unsuspecting spectator got a little more than he bargained for when at a Baseball game. He was probably after the ball (as most are), but alas it seems he got a bat in the Face!

Looks a bit painful to me!
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tony Jaa - Muay Thai EXPERT!

Tony Jaa, you'll know from such films as Ong Bak, Warrior King, Battle King and quite a few more. The man is, apart from "peak fitness", a martial arts god. You won't find him hanging on wires or flying through trees. Well actually you will find him flying through trees, but not hanging on wires!!! Below is a YouTube video clip which I found on my travels of Tony Jaa, I think it's taken from the extras on the Ong Bak DVD, but OH MY LORDY LORDY, watch this guy go!

Now are you sitting down... Look at the power of the kicks and hits from this guy, and also the distance at which he comes in from towards his enemies! Ong Bak is a must see film (if you are a martial arts fan), not for the story, but just for the sheer excellence of Tony Jaa! Enjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Rescuing Hug - Hugs save lives!

Although this is thought to be an urban legend (but the link below states that it is not!), it none the less reminds us of how important it is to remember to tell the ones you love that you love them, and every once and a while, follow that up with a hug!

I received this in an email, and; urban legend or not, it really made me think! (blimey thats twice in one month!)

The email reads...

This is a picture taken from and article called "The Rescuing Hug". The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Apparently each were in their respective incubators, and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and put the babies in the same incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.

Let's not forget to embrace the ones we love. It can make a big difference!

Related link:-
Heidi and Paul Jackson's twin girls, Brielle and Kyrie, were born October 17, 1995, 12 weeks ahead of their due date. Standard hospital practice is to place preemie twins in separate incubators to reduce the risk of infection. that was done for the Jackson girls in the neonatal intensive care unit at The Medical Center of Central Massachusetts in Worcester.
Kyrie, the larger sister at two pounds, three ounces, quickly began gaining weight and calmly sleeping her newborn days away. But Brielle, who weighed only two pounds at birth, couldn't keep up with her. She had breathing and heart-rate problems. The oxygen level in her blood was low, and her weight gain was slow.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Claud's short v-drums sesh

Thought I would post a video of me playing my Roland TD-6K Custom drum kit. Not really a drum solo of any kind, just a quick bash. Video quality is a bit pants but the sound is quite good as I recorded the drums into Cubase and then re-edited the video and synchronised the music to it (kind of). It's slightly out, but not bad for a first attempt!

Jacob Armen drum solo's

This drummer (Jacob Armen) was awesome at 8 years old, and then I found him in later years on YouTube. Check out these solo's AMAZING!

And then later on in life... Only to be expected, this guy is AWESOME! The speed and precision is flabbergasting!

Mad eh?